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Meditation Clearwater: Classes and Retreats

Weekly classes conveniently located 15 minutes from downtown Clearwater, FL.

Meditation Clearwater FL offers two weekly classes. Our foundational class takes place every Sunday morning at 9:30. This class is for a range of people including: those brand new to the practice of mindfulness, those re-connecting with a meditation practice and those with a seasoned practice who wish to delve more deeply into their practice or are open to a shift in perspective.

Our intermediate class takes place every Wednesday evening at 6:30. While open to all, this class is a series-based class, featuring in-depth study of a topic over the course of several weeks. If you are new to this class, and we are in the middle of a topic, join us and we'll quickly get you up to speed within a few meetings.

The schedule and location are here. There are no prerequisites for either class; everyone is welcome regardless of their background or experience. Our goal is to share authentic mindfulness practice in a way that is both joyful and available to all.

Clearwater FL Meditation Retreats

Meditation Clearwater FL offers multiple retreats each month. These include weekend retreats - a combination of in-depth teaching and experential practice, as well as one-day retreats. Twice each year, we offer longer-length retreats of ten and thirty days. We also have facilities for individual solo meditation practice retreats.

Many of the retreats take place at our meditation center, located less than an hour south of Clearwater, in Palmetto, Florida. The center can acommodate some 70 people, has one of the country's largest libraries on mindfulness and insight, lovely grounds (with a turtle and duck pond) and even a pool. More information and photos of the center are here.

Learn to Meditate

A Practical Approach to Meditation

Meditation Clearwater FL offers clear instruction and guidance in rational mindfulness through weekly classes and monthly weekend retreats. Personal one-on-one instruction and coaching is also available. Our teachers are experienced meditators with many years of study and practice. They approach the teaching of meditation from the perspective of a Western cultural background engaged in modern daily life.

There are no pre-requisites for classes or retreats; everyone is welcome regardless of their background or experience. Our goal is to share authentic Buddhist teaching in a way that is both joyful and affordable.

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. - John Kabat-Zinn

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

The essential skill that leads to a happy and peaceful life is mindfulness.

Learning to meditate is learning to be mindfully present and to let go of stressful thoughts, emotions and feelings. The benefits of this are powerful and impactful in all aspects of life. Mindfulness practice helps to reduce anxiety and stress within the family, in personal relationships, in professional settings and even in leisure activities.

Many find the benefits of mindfulness so rewarding with regard to decreased anxiety and stress, that they naturally want the experience to be shared in their office setting. In addition to our weekly classes, we offer corporate wellness training and containing education credits at your office or workplace.

In mindfulness meditation, we become familiar with the internal landscape. Through the experienced recognition of constant change we learn to enjoy each newly arising moment deeply, without craving and clinging. In this way our life emerges more joyful, happier, more peaceful.

We look forward to seeing you in class or bringing mindfulness to you.

For more information email info@meditationClearwater.com or call 941-323-3372.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. - Buddha

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