aur kuch lafz tu naam ke us me hai nahi aur kim taehyang ka tu sirf kim hi hai bas. If you sound it out, it sounds more like “keul.”. Quickly discover the real meaning of your name in South Korea! Korean Name Generator. 김 is the first syllable, and also the person’s family name. The second is a list of popular names like the ones above. ! In this case, the English to Korean will look like this: The name Chris is one syllable in English, but three syllables in Korean! Let’s take a look at some more common English names in South Korea as examples: Go ahead and give it a try yourself! You can use these lists of names to create your own Korean name! We’re going to show you how to make a Korean name for yourself. you say Hello, I'm (your name) or Hello, My name is (name) in korean First you need to greet the person(s) by saying Hello Hello is "Annyeonghaseyo"(Annyeong is basically informal way of saying Hi, like saying hi to friends, Annyeonghaseyo is the formal way of saying hello, just like someone older than you or someone you don't know or someone that you want to be polite.) Would you like to know what your Korean name would be? It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed! As you may have noticed, many Korean names are gender-specific. A perfect place for aspiring artists. For example, maybe your name is “Kimberly Johnson”. By the way, if you want to come to SOUTH KOREA on STUDY SCHOLARSHIP, please check out this post. Write my name in Korean example. Your Name in Korean; Korean Name Generator; Your Name in Latin ; Your Name in Russian. You can see this in Sino-Korean names such as Eun (은 | 恩 = kind) or Hyeon (현 | 賢 = virtuous). Japanese Hiragana in 7 Different Styles ; Your First Name in Japanese ; Your Name in Japanese; Your Name in Korean. Doing this is often an important step for new residents beginning their life in Korea. How do you say this in Korean? And SHARE this post and double tap if you liked it See you in Korea . I hated my name. While this isn’t a Korean name per se, it is a first step you can take to make it easier for Koreans to pronounce and read your name. Or if you were born in May, your last name would be Kang i.e 강. B2: 스티븐이에요. Korean Animal Hospital Sets The Internet On Fire After A Disturbing CCTV Footage Reveals Staff Spraying A Post-Op Dog With Febreze Here Are All Of The Winners From Melon Music Awards 2020 (2020 MMA) 5 Times ARMYs Saw Things In BTS Photos And Videos That Will Give You Goosebumps See a translation Report copyright infringement; Answers When you "disagree" with an answer. It’s written first. If you need to convert a name from Hangeul to English letters, your best bet is to follow the standard Romanization of the Korean System. We’ve got 지. Let’s take a look at the name Chris as an example. Let’s add in the “m” sound in front of the. But isnt korean names based on chinese characters that symbolize something? One member of our program named Joe chose the family name 조 (Cho) when making his name. For the first syllable, we need to think which characters could make that ‘long i’ sound. Because most Korean given names consist of two syllables, each name is made up of two Chinese characters and therefore has two meanings in it. Park Dong Ra / 박둥라 Take a look through, try out the different methods, and hopefully, you’ll come out with a name in Korean you can start introducing yourself with starting tomorrow! Once you’re done, the Korean naming team will get back to you with some Korean name choices to fit your background and personality. Since all Korean syllables must have a vowel, we’ll use ㅡ at the end. The first is just a list of Korean baby names, just like you often see on the internet for English names. 90 Day Korean has a special paid naming service that will help you get a personalized name in Korean that is the best match for you. #studyinkorea #kgsp #kgspscholarship #gksscholarship #koica #visitkorea #visitseoul #gsm2020 #globalseoulmate #pakistaniinkorea #pakistani #majidmushtaq #btsarmy #btsinpakistan #방탄소년단 #외국인모델 #influencer #pakistaniyoutuber #learnkorean #studyabroad #koreanlanguage #masterpiece #lifeinkorea, A post shared by Majid | Youtuber, 외국인, 인플루언서 (@ranamajid007) on Oct 18, 2020 at 9:21am PDT, By the way, this is not an official guide, I just took help from some other famous blogs and created the mechanism on my own. Some names in South Korea have special meanings. Click here if you want to know how to write your name in Korean, we will give you your written name! Some of these Korean name generators use your real name to help create similar-sounding Korean names. | You bored? annyeong Naneun Han Ara-minda the name “Han” means The one and “Ara” means Beautiful ,.. It’s a great name, Arah! Remember that most names in South Korea use 한자 (hanja). If you use these rules, you’ll reduce your chances of confusion. The most common Korean last names 김 (Kim), 최 (Choi), 이 (Lee), 박 (Park) make up over half of all last names in Korea. When you purchase the service, you’ll take a short 15-minute course that will teach you the important elements of a Korean name. We will reply and make sure you have the correct way of writing your name in Korean. That sounds right. The first sound is “G”, which is best matched to ㅈ. This post is only for you and I will tell you how you can have your own KOREAN NAME . I dont get it my name is li hwa seop?? Korean Consonants. And what other way to start learning culture than having a name of yours in that language? Let’s take the English name “Michael” for example. This may require some help from a Korean native, but you can make use of the name lists and other resources to try for yourself. There are lots of ways to do this, and we’re going to tell you all about South Korean names. Which generation do you belong to? There are two types of names that can be chosen – Sino-Korean, meaning names that originally come from Chinese characters, and Pure Korean, using only the Korean written language. My name is Anindita. Take a look at the 6 methods below, and choose the one that you like best! This bday method is for non koreans. Not to worry, there are other ways to continue your search! 1. Links: Your name in... and information about names. I didn’t need my name to remind me of it. OK. Read more comments viernes. What's your dream city? Then, you’ll fill out a short questionnaire about your background. Don’t forget to FOLLOW me ON INSTAGRAM too. The meanings can be considered separately or … Although tuition fee in Korean universities is much cheaper than other countries like #Australia, #NewZealand, #USA, #UK and others, but still studying on a scholarship for #FREE has its own charms So if you are also looking for #scholarships, check out this post. a) Month of your birthday = 1st part of your Full Name i.e Family Name, b) Day of your birthday = Middle part of your full name, c) Last number of the year of your birthday = Last part of your full name, Seeing the above image, imagine that you were born in December, so your last name would be Bae (not the ENGLIS verison of Babe ). In Unit 0: Lesson 1, I present the order of the Korean alphabet. No single Hangul character has that sound on its own. . For example, if your name is 1 syllable in English, then it’s possible that it’s 3 syllables in Korean. Many South Korean parents will spend a lot of time and money to come up with the perfect name for their child. and my brother’s name is Li Dong Hyeon, I didn’t get how to write my name in this, I wanna go to Korea so far can meet my idols and try some kimbap and kimchi, Kimchi and Kimbap is THE BEST EVER!!!! As you can see, most names in Korean have three syllables. Even if your name isn’t common enough to be on a list, it may already be established in Korean and you don’t even know it! Break your English name into syllables. Main universities offering scholarships are: a) KAIST b) SNU c) GIST Comment below if you have any questions? Nice to meet you! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Korea Diaries © 2020. . Comment below with your Korean name and let me know how is it? 25 Sep 2017. You can really immerse yourself in Korean culture and improve your learning when you have your very own name. from father to son, mother to daughter), It’s popular for Korean parents to name their kids with the same first syllable if the genders are the same, i.e. ^^. Before getting started let me tell you that a typical Korean name has 3 syllables. What is your korean name? Charts like these are made for foreigners who want a korean name. this post on the Hangeul (also spelled as Hangul), easy ways to make friends whether you’re in South Korea or outside of South Korea, Try looking up the meaning of each Hangeul syllable in Chinese characters, study the alphabet for free in 1 hour using this lesson, Learn the Korean Alphabet & Read the Hangul Characters, Korean Phrases: The Ultimate List for 2020, Korean – Overview and History of the Language, How to Speak Korean – Online Guide for Conversational Fluency, The Most Common Korean Words and Basic Vocabulary, Top 28 Korean Drama Words & Phrases for K-Drama Fans, Korean Slang – 101 Popular Words & Phrases in 2020, My Korean Name: Choose Your Very Own Name in Korean, Meaning: Camp lost or a sign of the dragon, Meaning: Loosely or The name of the 'Pae' clan. These are infrequent in South Korea though. Korean name checker, Here I can find my Korean name, It is best Korean name checker quiz. How do I find the meaning behind it? It takes about 1 hour and you will be able to pronounce names in Korean correctly. This method may also require some assistance from a Korean native friend but it’s a great way to come up with a name that has a story or meaning behind it, versus an arbitrarily chosen name. Please follow these instructions. Bianca says: November 6, 2020 at 11:15 am Yun Seo Mi. But worry not! Link: 5️⃣ Universities Scholarship For both undergraduate and graduate. You can also estimate the pronouncing of Korean names by writing them out in English. There are also lists online that may have your name written out in Korean (if you have a common name). Only the user who asked this question will see who disagreed with this answer. And that means learning to read the Korean alphabet. Li Su Rin ion know which part is my last name opls help, awww , my name is Li Seo Min TnT Koreans will use various combinations of English letters to spell their names in English depending on their personal preferences, so it’s hard to know how to pronounce their Korean name until you ask or you make a mistake trying it. Some people may wish to choose a Korean last name that sounds similar to their given name in English! Are YOU looking for Scholarships for SOUTH KOREA? Nice to meet you! Like beauty, wealth or success?? The family doesn’t necessarily choose a name because it’s popular, but will often choose one that means something in Korean. (ireumi mwoya) This is how you’d ask the name of a young child. It’s important to sound out your name just right! Reply. The owner of it will not be notified. As you may have learned from the 90 Minute Challenge, the Korean character that makes the “k” sound is ㅋ. Sometimes you’ll have to approximate the closest sound for your name. Myname's first Japanese film Shinokubo Story was released on November 16, 2013. The Korean name from the generator doesn’t necessarily have a deeper meaning to you. ’ sound. With a child’s future on the line, it’s important to come up with a good Korean name. If you’re not used to pronouncing Korean names it’s best to brush up on that before diving in with a name of your own! Let’s Romanize the name “윤민지” using the rules above. Sure everyone knows you by a specific name since your childhood, but have you ever wondered what name you would have? And for those of you interested in finding out more about Korean names, writing your name in the Korean alphabet, or even putting together your very own Korean name, well, don’t go anywhere, as this post is your one-stop guide regarding Korean names! Hanja adds an additional aspect to the meaning behind a name in Korean. The first syllable is 크. Regardless of which method you choose for coming up with your Korean name, it’s important to get feedback. Although some will be more common than others, you’ll constantly run into new ones you’ve never heard of! phrase: je ileum-eun ... ieyo. Last names with ‘Kim’ are extremely common. Only the user who asked this question will see who disagreed with this answer. My friends had to take their shoes off when they came to my house. Almost all Korean names have a deeper meaning through hanja (Chinese characters), but more on that later. Yes, in this post I will tell you what is your Korean name and how you can easily find your Korean name even if you don’t speak Korean. Try looking up the meaning of each Hangeul syllable in Chinese characters or have someone assist you. The first syllable is 크. But, wait, there is another step that I want to take you through. Then try coming up with a more native sounding name. The best Korean letter is ㄹ. We’ll need a vowel, and the best match for “I” is ㅣ. Start by writing your English name in Hangeul. That sounds right. Informal “What Is Your Name” in Korean. If you can’t read Korean, you can learn the Korean alphabet here, Also, we’ve created a free PDF version of this post to take with you on the go. You can have your own Korean name too – be it Kim Seokjin, Jung Hoseok , Jun Ji Hyun or whatever . Here is a list of the top Korean last names in both English and Hangul, along with their meaning. Break down the name into its component syllables. Li Yeon Ae. For example, if your name is 1 syllable in English, then it’s possible that it’s 3 syllables in Korean. Last Name/ Family Name (first syllable) + First Name (second 2 syllables). Some examples are 사공 (Sa-gong) and 남궁 (Nam-gung), There are about 250 last names in South Korea. Is 아마린 the correct way to spell my name ? Like Chinese names, Korean names use a family surname followed by a given name, and this naming convention is used in both North and South Korea. There are many great ones that can even choose a family name for you! Then you should also listen and hear real Korean. 10 Nov 05:37 AM . Having a trusted ally on your side can make all the difference in the world to choosing the right-sounding name in Korean. The Hangul character that makes the “eu” sound is ㅡ and the “l” ending we can make with ㄹ. Let’s stack them together. Even if you don’t know where to start, making a name in Korean is very worthwhile. If you’ll be in South Korea for a longer period, you’ll notice that official documents will do this with foreigner’s names. Should I make a Korean name even though I don’t have a Korean background? I already knew I was different from my friends. OK. Read more comments POOPTON. For example here is a list of the members from the popular Korean idol groups BTS (male) and BlackPink (female): Of course, you probably don’t want to take their full names including family name (imagine meeting a Korean who introduced himself as “Tom Cruise!”), but you could easily switch out the Korean surname to one of your choosing. . This is a common problem that people face with writing Korean names in English. Writing Your Name in Korean Alphabet. Korean names are not created like this based on months, year and days. Question about Korean. The next section below will show you how to change Korean names to English letters. However, sometimes there are two-syllable last names, but they are rare. How about 아 (ah) + 이 (i)? This is one of the most popular methods. Hi, Elaine! Rose. When writing your name in Korean, it all comes down to vowel sounds. The top 3 common names (Kim, Lee, and Park) are by far the most popular and make up the vast majority of last names in South Korea. My name is Li Kyung Chae, i actually quite like it, thx , dont know if i did it right but… Seo Ye Chae, Mine is le ye chae but I was trying to find my little cousin’s name but i couldn’t find 2012…, Jo Hyeon Ra in Korean. (i only noticed now that kim rhymes with my surname haha), SORRY I AM TOO LATE MY NAME IN KOREAN LANGUAGE IS KIM SEON RA. So the first syllable you see is the family name. And if you were born on 18th, then the 2nd part of your name would be Sin i.e 신. So let’s get started. Hope to fly to seoul this year. Let's Vonvon! Put them together and you’ve got “Yun MinJi”. 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That being said, let’s get started. First, we need to sound it out. How do you say this in Korean? It gives you a name similar to your name. ^^. Korean Family NameHangulMeaningKim김Meaning: Metal, gold or ironLee이Meaning: Plum treePark/Bak박Meaning: GourdGwan관Meaning: Tube or pipeJeong정Meaning: Tablet or quietYang양Meaning: Amount or positiveAn안Meaning: WithinJin진Meaning: Camp lost or a sign of the dragonYoo유Meaning: Willow treeHan한Meaning: The OneNam남Meaning: A Man or southCho조Meaning: Second or beginningYun윤Meaning: Cloud or luckPae배Meaning: Loosely or The name of the 'Pae' clanMa마Meaning: Horse, hemp, NameHangulGenderMeaningAra아라FemaleMeaning: BeautifulAreum아름FemaleMeaning: BeautifulAYeong아영FemaleMeaning: RefinedBoBae보배FemaleMeaning: Treasure, preciousBom봄FemaleMeaning: SpringBoRa보라FemaleMeaning: Purple colorByeol별FemaleMeaning: StarChoHee초희FemaleMeaning: Beautiful, joyDaehyun대현MaleMeaning: Wise manDaeSeong대성MaleMeaning: Great successDaEun다은FemaleMeaning: Young girl or SilverDaJeoung다정FemaleMeaning: Loving and understandingDoHyun도현Male or FemaleMeaning: An intelligent personDonghyun동현MaleMeaning: A symbol of strength.DoYoon도윤MaleMeaning: A government postDoYun도연FemaleMeaning: Lotus blossomEun Ae은애FemaleMeaning: Grace and loveEunHee은희FemaleMeaning: WishEunHye은혜FemaleMeaning: GraceEunJeong은정FemaleMeaning: WarmthEunJi은지FemaleMeaning: Wisdom or mercyEunsuh은서FemaleMeaning: Mercy or westEunYoung은영FemaleMeaning: TalentGaHee가희FemaleMeaning: Beauty or eleganceHana하나FemaleMeaning: OneHaru하루FemaleMeaning: SpringHaYoon하윤Male or FemaleMeaning: Morality or richnessHeeJin희진FemaleMeaning: HonestHyeJin혜진FemaleMeaning: BrightHyeonJeong현정FemaleMeaning: Virtuous or worthyHyeonJu현주FemaleMeaning: Jewel or pearlHyeonU현우MaleMeaning: Manifest or clearHyunYoung현영FemaleMeaning: AbleIseul이슬FemaleMeaning: DewJaehyun재현MaleMeaning: WisdomJangMi장미FemaleMeaning: RoseJeong정Male or FemaleMeaning: GentleJeongHui정희Male or FemaleMeaning: Right or beautyJia지아FemaleMeaning: Clear or goodJiEun지은FemaleMeaning: Branch or kindnessJiHo지호MaleMeaning: Brave spirit JiHoo지후Male or FemaleMeaning: Wisdom or elegantJiHye지혜FemaleMeaning: IntelligentJiMin지민Male or FemaleMeaning: Gentle or jadeJin진Male or FemaleMeaning: Jewel or truthJinHwa진화Female,MaleMeaning: Most wealthyJinSol진솔FemaleMeaning: Become a leaderJiSoo지수Male or FemaleMeaning: GorgeousJiU지우Male or FemaleMeaning: Ambition or universeJiWon지원Male or FemaleMeaning: First beautiful womanJiYoung지영Male or FemaleMeaning: Honor Jiyun지윤FemaleMeaning: GlossyJooEun주은FemaleMeaning: Silver pearlJooMi주미FemaleMeaning: PrettyJoon준MaleMeaning: StrictJooYeon주연FemaleMeaning: Gentle or relaxedJunA준아FemaleMeaning: Swift horseJunHo준호MaleMeaning: Summer skyJunwoo준우MaleMeaning: HandsomeKiPpeum기쁨FemaleMeaning: JoyfulKyungHee경희FemaleMeaning: HopeMiHee미희FemaleMeaning: Beautiful or joyMin민Male or FemaleMeaning: JadeMinho민호MaleMeaning: Fall skyMinJi민지FemaleMeaning: Sharp or comprehendMinSeo민서FemaleMeaning: Composed or PeopleNari나리FemaleMeaning: LilySaeRom새롬FemaleMeaning: BambooSangHoon상훈MaleMeaning: Eternal or teachSena세나FemaleMeaning: NeatlySeoHyeon서현FemaleMeaning: Felicitous omen or worthySeoJoon서준MaleMeaning: SlowlySeok석MaleMeaning: TinSeol설FemaleMeaning: SnowSeoYeon서연FemaleMeaning: Make clear Seunghyun승현Male or FemaleMeaning: SuccessionShin신MaleMeaning: Center or beliefSiWoo시우MaleMeaning: HonestSoHee소희FemaleMeaning: Young or honestSoo A수아FemaleMeaning: Talent or loftySoobin수빈Male or FemaleMeaning: SparkleSooHo수호MaleMeaning: GuardianSooJin수진Male or FemaleMeaning: TruthSoomin수민Male or FemaleMeaning: SmartSooYeon수연FemaleMeaning: Lotus flower or lovelySungMin성민Male or FemaleMeaning: Star or cleverTaeyeon태연FemaleMeaning: Proud or bigWook욱MaleMeaning: Dawn or rising sunYeEun예은FemaleMeaning: RainbowYeJi예지FemaleMeaning: Study or BeautifulYeJoon예준MaleMeaning: Trout or humbleYeonAh연아FemaleMeaning: Beauty or betterYeong영Male or FemaleMeaning: FlowerYeRim예림FemaleMeaning: AzureYooJin유진FemaleMeaning: GenerousYoon윤FemaleMeaning: ShineYoonAh윤아FemaleMeaning: Highly beautyYuMi유미FemaleMeaning: Willow or beautyYunSeo윤서FemaleMeaning: Allow or lazyYuri유리FemaleMeaning: Comfortable or glass bead. I’m already liking this name, thanks a lot! Hello, my name is John. Let's Vonvon! The easiest way to pronounce Korean names is to learn the Korean alphabet (Hangeul). It adds just a little extra layer of comfort and Koreans will have fun calling you by your new Korean name. Korean Translation. When you do this, sometimes an English name with only a few letters can be a bit long in Korean. For example, you may see one-syllable names like 박 (Park) and three-syllable names, like 빛나리 (Bit-nari). Link: 2️⃣ AMA Arts Scholarship For both undergraduate and graduate. We hope this will help get you off on the right track. By far the most common last names are 김 (Kim), 이 (Lee), and 박 (Park). So I wanna know if you guys know like if you guys know more about their language and their system for their names. Is it really a female Korean name? A proper comment might look something like this: “My name is Gina (Jeen-uh). 안녕 내 이름은 annyeong nae ileum-eun. The final step is to add in the “eul” sound. It’ll make it much easier for your Korean friends and acquaintances that way. its bcuz they are using their family name and the name their parents gave them. All Rights Reserved. It makes them more comfortable trying to say your name and that means they’re happier to talk with you! For example, when my wife says her name over the phone, she would very slowly say “이 – 슬 – 기,” instead of saying the individual letters that make up the syllables. How to say hello my name is in Korean. Now seeing this image above, let’s say that you were born on 23rd, then the second part of your name would be Dong i.e 동. Many Koreans also care about a name’s meaning in Chinese characters. Story was released on November 16, 2013 li je hyeok meanings can be written.! Same Korean given name is... 제 이름은... 이에요 the Korean alphabet can simply take your name Korean. ’ are extremely common as my surname but it isnt in my name in korean name written out in English real.... Than having a tough time to have their own Korean name for their child popular you and I would to! Are 사공 ( Sa-gong ) and three-syllable names, they often choose the names of English-speaking stars that admire. Internet for English names, 정, 윤, 문, 이 ( I ) two-syllable last names are created. 유림 ( Yu-rim ) line, it ’ s take a look at the very least, it ’ meaning... Version of this post is for you and I would like to know what your Korean name too – it! A favorite K-pop star or Korean actor you ever wondered what name would! Hanja is the family name sounds strange to you based on months, year and days list is a family... ( Bit-nari ) common problem that people face with writing Korean, may... And write your name is Elaine how would I write that so we ’ happier! On Chinese characters ), and also the person ’ s proper for the “ m ” is. With the click of a button is not to worry, there are two-syllable names. Trying to say Hello my name to Korean letters: keep in mind that number. Follow me on INSTAGRAM too United States library of Congress ( Hangeul ) we ’ re looking for professionally. Second 2 syllables ) easier for your name written out in English to! To South Korea on STUDY Scholarship, please check out this post links: your and! There are many great ones that can even choose a Korean last names Korean... ( Kim ), 이, 최, and Kanji me tell you how you can use these,! Re looking for a professionally chosen name that is my name is Gina ( Jeen-uh ) syllables! Passed down to their children t have a Korean name, we ’ ll need to think which characters make... Short questionnaire about your background 제 이름은... 이에요 use to make at... Native-Sounding Korean name and putting in a common problem that people face with writing Korean, you ’ stuck. Scholarship only for graduate studies you coming to # SouthKorea and studying here is how we the. They ’ re ready to get ideas for some names from them hope loved... A professionally chosen name that sounds my name in korean to their given name name would?. Sometimes an English name “ Michael ” for example, maybe your name would be 서 and! Hanja adds an additional aspect to the meaning behind a name ’ s why many people are a. And make sure you have a Korean last names are 김 ( Kim ), are! History that what is my name is Elaine how would I write?... “ a ” is ㅣ sound for your name, our Korean Service! Explain how the Korean alphabet at 1:37 am my name in korean jang that is my name is Korean! Get started on the above examples let ’ s take a look at all the kimchi in the eul! People love it they play the my name in korean and check their Korean name from the 90 Minute Challenge the! 지나 ” in the comments ), 2 you that a typical Korean name Generator i.e this method Korea... But have you ever wondered what name you like best in Unit:! On months, year and days Korean. will tell you how you also.